Defining Intention: March Goals

We’re three months into the new year already.  Can you believe it?!  If you’re like me, you probably spent the days or even weeks leading up to the new year thinking on your goals, intentions, and focuses for 2014.  January came and the fervor and intentionality with which we carried out our goals faded with the month’s ending.  It’s hard to focus on a year’s worth of goals while juggling the day-to-life.


Let’s redefine intention.

Instead of setting a list of goals a YEAR at a time, how about we narrow that focus a bit?  Let’s set monthly goals and build upon them.  Let’s focus on the here and now instead of just the long term.  Let’s take this crazy life one step at a time and enjoy what God has given us.  A good number of the ladies I follow via The Influence Network set and post monthly goals for accountability and encouragement.  It does my heart so much good to be surrounded by women who are genuinely working on being intentional with their days.  Will you join us in redefining intention?


I’m 5 days late, but here are my goals for March:

  • Read two books.  (It’s a love of mine – reading – and I don’t do it nearly enough.)
  • Take all three kids to the library.  And ENJOY knowing I am exposing them to a whole world of imagination.
  • Launch an Easter line for Owls for Orphans.
  • Instagram one moment I want to remember each day.
  • Drink more water and less sweet tea.  Oh man do I love sweet tea.
  • Clean out our closets and sell/donate all items that no longer fit and are not worn regularly.  SIMPLIFY.
  • Write from a journal prompt once a week.
  • Jen Weaver

    Great goals Amy. Reading a book this month is one of my goals as well. It’s so hard to find the time but I LOVE a good book! I also find it helpful to set smaller goals. Makes the action steps so much more actionable. :)

  • Darcy S

    I love how you said to live in the here and now and not too far ahead in the future. Feeling like goals are too big is definitely one of the reasons why a lot of my goals can go unaccomplished. Your list reminds me that life really is in the little moments. Great goal list and good luck carrying them through!

  • Jenna Guizar

    I love this!! Have you seen the journal prompts at Sometimes Sweet ( They look really cool. I’ve yet to do it, but I thought of it when I saw your last bullet point. I love the idea of doing monthly goals instead of yearly. I may just have to join you next month ;) I feel really great about my Lenten intentions, so maybe that counts, right?! ;) ~Jenna // A Mama Collective